The globalophobia of Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac
Last Thursday, French president Jacques Chirac debated on television with 83 French youngsters about the proposed European Constitution. As things are standing now, and if we are to believe the polls, the French will vote 'no' to this constitution in a referendum to be held on May 29th. Opposition is coming mainly from trade unions, anti-globalists, and the left in general. The complete transcript of the debate and a video stream (2 hours and 6 minutes) are available, both in French. If you are still in doubt whether to be in favor or against this proposed European Constitution, make no mistake: Jacques Chirac is selling this Constitution to his people as an anti-globalist, anti-anglo-saxon and anti-liberal (in the economic sense, i.e. against free trade) policy tool. Let's listen in:
The world of today, and hence the place of France, is characterized by two big evolutions. One the one hand, there is what we call globalization, which is disturbing a lot of French men and women. It is a globalization, driven by an ultra-liberal current which, in the end, benefits only the strongest. This poses, of course, problems for the balance of the future. On the other hand, the world evolves towards more and more great powers, the actual powers like the United States, but also emerging powers that are considerable, like China, India, tomorrow Brasil, South America and Russia. Great powers that, very naturally, have the intention or the will to impose their will. [...]

These powers, we will not fight them individually. France has not the possibility to do that. And if we want, in face of this evolution, to have a reflection and a reaction, we need to have an organization. Europe has to be strong and organized to oppose herself to this evolution. Hence, there are two possibilities: the solution to let go, a bit like we have done until now, i.e. a solution that is leading Europe to an ultra-liberal current and to a Europe that is, let's say, anglo-saxon and atlantist. This is not what we want. The second track is a humanist Europe which, to impose its humanism and its values, has to be organized and strong. A Europe that has the power necessary to count in the world of tomorrow. And for that, it is necessary to be organized, and to have a common ambition.

Chirac did not convince those who oppose the constitution. But in selling the constitution as an antiglobalist and socialist masterpiece, it may well be that he has convinced some free-market proponents to vote against it.





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Damn you Spirit! Would i have liked to vote against the constitution. Also read this, from a real liberal: http://www.samuel...




priceless! chirac has got to be the biggest ass in world politics. he's got the 'yes' votes to battle 'les anglo-saxons' and the 'no' votes for the very same reason.

still, it's hard to blame the guy. who would want to scrap the economic system that put all those bribes and kickbacks er, retirement funds into his pocket?