Southern Lebanon as seen from space




Source: NASA's MODIS Rapid Response System (intended to rapidly detect forest fires)



Outlaw Mike


Hizballah = nazi sympathizers. Some interesting photos:


Outlaw Mike


I do feel uneasy about the affair. There's, what, 300 dead in Lebanon. I am practically sure the grand majority of them ARE simple citizens. I am equally sure however Hizballah gets its ass kicked though. But it's a conundrum. I recognize the necessity to completely destroy them, but I feel it's not very appropriate to cheer heavy-handed tactics from a safe vantage point sitting on your warm ass.


Nicolas Raemdonck


About civilians casualities: A libanese military expert: "It is difficult to kill Hezbollah warriors because to look like civilians"




You sound like a muslim Joe. Or as a dhimmi at the least. "Enemy" is a really existing concept. What`s more, we have our enemies and friends in common with Israël. And Israël is our friend. Taking your foe for friend generally results in getting defeated. Oh this is a beautiful website to prepare for your defeat:




I know, Mike, I know. And I agree that Hizballah has to be exterminated to the roots. But to my impression Israel just takes the brute and easy way and doesn't care even less about civilians and what they have built up....


Outlaw Mike


And Joe, before you burst out, try to comprehend that this Hizballah scum is expressly installing its missile sites and military strongholds in civilian areas. They KNOW that civilian casualties will reflect badly upon Israel, not upon them. They DO NOT, repeat NOT, care about dead Lebanese civilians. There is NO negotiating with Hizballah. With Hamas neither.


Outlaw Mike


Has anybody heard of Dyab Abu Jahjah's departure? That XXXhole said he would go to Lebanon to fight the IDF, but I fear his underwear looks rather brown by now.


Oultaw Mike


Well, I wouldn't put it that way. I strongly object to indescreminate bombing, and they sure as shit don't care less for the neighbours than the Americans (who took out Zarqawi with simple GBU-12's without scratching the houses around his holdout), but I fear this is the only way to utterly destroy Hizballah. I hope they kill all of 'em.




What israel is doing is D I S G U S T I N G