Condi for Veep?

So Dick Cheney shot a fellow hunter instead of a Quayle quail. An unfortunate accident, grasped by the Democrats to further undermine public trust in the presidential team. But, who knows, maybe something good will come out of this. What if Cheney resigns and Condoleezza Rice succeeds him?

This is exactly what Dr Jack Wheeler, the "Indiana Jones of the Right", predicted exactly one year ago. The only difference is that he put the blame on Cheney's heart instead of his shooting skills. On 16 February 2005, Wheeler quoted an unnamed Washington insider on his subscription-only website:
We all know that Dick Cheney has been the best vice president of modern times, perhaps in American history. And we know that he absolutely will not run for president in 2008. Further, he has an unfortunate history of heart trouble. So let's just say none of us will be surprised if, sometime next year, he will step down from the vice presidency due to his health. Should this happen, President Bush would need to appoint his replacement, just as Richard Nixon chose Gerald Ford to replace Spiro Agnew. It is quite clear to us whom the president would choose should he need to: Condoleezza Rice.

Wheeler thinks such a move would put Condi in a pole position for the 2008 presidential race:
Being a sitting vice president places Condi in an impregnable position for the GOP nomination in 2008 and sucks every breath of wind from Hillary's sails. Historically, it's hard for a party to keep the White House after they've had it for eight years. This is George Bush and Dick Cheney's way to buck history – and make it. The possibility of Condi as VP next year comes clear in the context of Dick Cheney’s pithy observation of George W. Bush: “He has the biggest set of balls of anyone I have ever known.”

Last October, Wheeler hinted at Bush's nickname for Condoleezza Rice: "44". 44? Sure: Daddy Bush was the 41st President of the United States. Bill Clinton was 42nd. Dubya is 43rd, and he nicknames Condi "44". "He has chosen Condi", Wheeler goes on, because:
He has two nightmares. He is obdurately determined to prevent America’s security being turned over to Hillary Clinton. He is equally determined to prevent it turned over to John McCain. She is straightforward evil and he is dangerously unstable. Condi is his way of preventing either. [...] Condi will re-energize America as she will the world.

There's on "but", however. Condi has to bring the lame State Department firmly behind the War on Terror:
So, all you Condi fans out there, get the message to her: Set the policy of the State Department to be regime change in Damascus and Tehran. She’ll never be president unless she does, and we’ll have President Hillary instead.

In the heat of the Plame affair, the main stream media picked up on the "Condi for veep" trail.

Sure, as Secretary of State, Ms. Rice currently gets at least as much media exposure as vice president Cheney. But the function of vice president would give here ample spare time to get in contact with the public, preparing for the 2008 primaries.





@ Joe: if your english was better you'd have understood that I was implying fox was a whore .... but never mind, I take it in your simple world being critical of a crappy paper means being on the other side oh bla bka bla, I'm reaalui wasting time i don't have here ...


Outlaw Mike


Mark Steyn (PBUH):

"Hmm. Let's see. On the one hand, the guy leaves the gal at the bottom of the river struggling for breath pressed up against the window in some small air pocket while he pulls himself out of the briny, staggers home, sleeps it off and saunters in to inform the cops the following day that, oh yeah, there was some broad down there. And, on the other hand, the guy calls 911, has the other fellow taken to the hospital, lets the sheriff know promptly but neglects to fax David Gregory's make-up girl!

One can only hope others agree with Ignatius' insightful analogy, and that the reprehensible Cheney will be hounded from public life the way Kennedy was all those years ago. One would hate to think folks would just let it slide and three decades from now this Cheney guy will be sitting on some committee picking Supreme Court justices and whatnot."


Outlaw Mike


Nicolas Raemdonck, ik ben fier op u Mijn Zoon. Ook gij hebt de Spirit of 1302.




@ Aphilion & Nicolas:
ridiculous, too crazie for words.
maybe go in your cafeike around the hook, and hang on then toog and continue your prietproat there.




@ Nicolas: totally agree abou the Morgen, although their biggest flaw is just weak journalists ...
but: being called up by someone and telling them you want to be interviewed but only by so and so ....surely only a whore would oblige ...??


Nicolas Raemdonck


Quote Joe: (Fox, the republican whore) and his favorite journalist-asslicker to interview him, well, that IS relevant!

Again I see people who tend to insult everbody who does not agree with them. For them is Fox pro-Bush and all other media very neutral. Well boy, wake up, it isn't because you agree with other newsstations or journals that these are neutral. Newspapers like our leftwing De Morgen are then the whores of the Democrates. You have to keep it real.
I really hope you can sleep at night.

The incident is really much to do about nothing. What should Cheney have done after he shot the man? Left him lying to die and immediately hold a broadcast. I know many anti-Bush people who have no opinion of their own but must read Chomsky, De Morgen and other morons to create their own opinion, see this as a fantastic gift from heaven, but I find this way pathetic.

At Fleming: I know Cheney is influential as vice-president, but that is because he has no own presidential ambitions.




@ivanhoe: it is not a big deal at all indeed.
@Jöe: Like Ivanhoe said: democrats are using it as you demonstrate.




@ ivanhoe

I know this because it's common knowledge (Chappaquiddick) and I was being cynical...




it IS big deal. Because this dick Dick Cheney has large international power and it's interesting to see how he communicates on "delicate" matters. If this asshole waits 5 days to come up with an interview (only because Karl Rove forced him to) and then he picks out his favorite network (Fox, the republican whore) and his favorite journalist-asslicker to interview him, well, that IS relevant!




@ Aphilion?

So how come you know this? Looked in the stats of the FBI?

But it's true, it's not really any of our business (the Cheney-incident). Democrats are just using it. Not a big deal at all.




@ Aphilion:
Chappaquiddick was the reason that Edward Kennedy never really ran for president. Republicans would have grilled him on that.




shame on the democrats! Ted Kennedy had a car accident 35 years ago in which his fellow passenger died and the republicans never ever tried to take political advantage of it!
and is this really our business in Belgium ?




And let's face it: Cheney has the charisma of a (how do you say lavabo in English?)




I'd like the idea of the first black women president to be a Republican. Bush-lot or not.




Who will be her veep? Colin?




Single? wowwww...


Peter Fleming



didn't Cheney have an impact then?




I thought uncle dick is more a hero in canned hunting? I remember that in the hunting equivalent of a driving range, Cheney and some companions simply waited in blinds as gamekeepers released 70 pen-raised pheasants directly in front of them. And then: bang bang bang! Bravo, tough dude!




Some time back in history, somebody mused about the thought it didn't matter, that even an actor could play the part of US president. And then came Reagan.

Bush wasn’t the brightest one; he wasted his daddy’s money in business and in politics. He was fooled or he fooled the CIA in the WMD question. He got elected, the first time by near-fraud, the second time by the decisive support of the redneck bigots.

I’ve read Colin Power’s book. If it has to be a black person (why?) he’s certainly the right one. He took a full chapter to explain why he didn’t feel worthy. The best Roman Consuls have been called to power while they were explaining why they weren’t worthy.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Nobody remembers Johnson, Clinton, Ford, and Carter. Some individuals like Reagan and Thatcher made a difference, but they are too, just children of their time in the end.




Sweet Jesus, I hope she doesn't become President. Let Barak Obama run, or John McCain, or Al Gore, or somebody. But it's time for the delusional Bush people to go home.


Nicolas Raemdonck


In my view she has to stay secretary of State. Then she has a larger impact on international and even domestic politics and policy. Vice-president is a empty function and even not good for becomming the next president. Bush senior may be have been the vice-president of Reagan, however Bush was the first vice-president who succeeded in becomming president in a long list of predecessors that failed.


Peter Fleming


Just imagine: a single, black, female Republican as president

It would be an incredible 'tour de force'

PS it is pathetic how the Democrats exploit this hunting accident, I don't see how they can possibly gain from it, it only makes them look ridiculous. The same goes for the media (and that includes Belgian public television)