Bush was right!

Because it is not done, certainly not in Belgium nor in Western Europe, to put a thing like this on your blog, I'm doing it. Click on the image to start the video in a separate window, or click on the play button to start the video on this page.

Lyrics - Buy Online - Hat tip

And now, the average Belgian or Western European reader is shocked, and thinking: a blogger who puts a thing like this on his blog... gee, he must be extremely ignorant, or in an exceptionally ironic mood, or involved in a worldwide neocon conspiracy. At the same time, those same readers are consuming news from the European MSM about how Europe should evolve into a more social(ist) society, should offer workers more job security and should pay more attention to the muslim world - and they're not thinking of ignorant, ironic or conspiracy. Keep dreaming, folks! And keep returning to this blog for some more shock therapy.





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Outlaw Mike


Outlaw, that is. Pardon me, I have totally had it with Bush Derangement Syndrome.


Oultaw Mike


Bush was and is right indeed. I read this week that the US GDP has grown 22% in eleven quarters. The economy is BOOMOING as it has never done. And today, in our local PC rag, "De Standaard", they wrote that the smaller US budget deficit is "smaller" because of more tax revenues. What they fail to say is that Bush's economic policy is the exact illustration of the Laffer curve. Enormous tax cuts which kick-start the economy, more people at work, thus more tax revenues.

Six years into the Bush presidency I have copme to believe that to be critical of Bush means that a.) You are completely ignorant and therefore not entitled to give your opinion on Bush, OR: b.) You are mentally retarded.




Shocked? By the amazing lyrics of a local spring-band?

Could you please also post the other songs from the CD of this incredible Grammy-predestined rockband?

*Bush was elected
*Bush is clever
*Bush has brains
*Bush has balls
*Bush went to Vietnam
*Bush was right (accoustic version)




I don't understand the fuzz about the song, but uhm ...
I never tought thiw guy was right, some reasons why:
* Weapons of Mass destruction -> we haven't seen any in Iraq -> he was wrong!
* War in Afghanistan -> Wrong About Afghan Successes -> these afghani people just want the Americans out, it was on the news here yesterday -> Bush was wrong!
* Bush was wrong about the link between Al Quaida and Iraq
* Bush was wrong about ... well, I can carry on for like days I think ..

Anyway, I just don't trust the guy an dI think I'm not alone on this planet. Acoording to Zogby polls the guy is'n't even trusted by the half of hos own countrymen ... but hey, long live Belgium :)





I'm not old enough to answer the question, but when I overlook the last 25-30 years I say: YESSSSS!




the poppy tune - for which they owe billy joel big time, I hope at least billy will make some money out of this - does not make up for the missing facts: a lot of generalist ideas, no hard numbers/dates/whatever objective stuff.. this is clearly marketing, and going by the looks of the blokes on stage, it wasn't devised by gilette or bikkembergs...

and indeed, luc, i don't think its controversial at all.. in my personal view, freedom of speech means that everybody can say the most silly things if they want, if they do not harm people by it.. this won't do much harm..




it's like a mantra.... ik makes you forget the reality....




Here's another one: "Imagine" by GW Bush:




Oh shoot, I'm wrom!




Whoever thinks Bush is *always* wrong is quite wrom himself, I think.
But is that a reason for making such bad music ?




The liberal will shrug and think: let them connies amuse themselves with a baked fart.




I'd like to see the nodding face of a liberal listening to this song. Priceless !


Outlaw Mike


I would label myself a paleoneocon, btw.


Outlaw Mike


Can't seem to play it. Would like to hear it.




neocon/paleocon. All a bunch of conartists to me.




@Brecht: The song "Bush was right" is not paleocon at all, but neocon.




Well, my mistake, indeed, replace 'neocon' with 'paleocon'. As you could read, i didn't have any opinions about the content nor the ideology of the messages made in the video/lyrics but the way how they expressed those messages. If that's a proof ( apparently it is ) to you i don't know a bloody thing about neoconservatism, that's up to you.


Peter Fleming


Bush was right, lalalalalaaa, Bush was right...

how do you call this: political teenage rock?

hilarious stuff, but I can imagine some people go berserk about it




@Brecht: oh, after "sawing" another song in which God was invoked, you concluded that it was a neocon thing??? In that case, you have just proven that you know absolutely nothing about neoconservatism. Most religious conservatives are not neocons but paleocons. Neoconservatism is about foreign politics, not about God.


After reading that Wikipedia entry, you will probably agree with me that the song "Bush was right" is a lot more neoconservative than the song "I want to live".




Hmm saw nothing this afternoon as it kept on loading for eternity. Now its just one big blank spot.




Hmm, browsing a bit through their website, and after sawing this movie ( http://www.rightmarch.com/i... ), I can only conclude this is a very poor, even pathetic attempt to put the "neocon-message" in music. I was quite surprised not even a 'massive luminous hand' showed up in the 'i want to live'-musicvideo, symbolizing the almighty God.

Only thing I learned from this is that expressing a message needs some creative sense.




Have no idea why this would even cause a fuzz in Europe. Prussian Blue ( http://www.prussianblue.net/ ), that was shocking, but this is just a mediocre song with lyrics still a large group of people agree with, especially in the US. I have no idea who "The Right Brothers" are, but it smells like another result of marketing to me.
Controversy sells, even if there's actually nothing controversial about it, besides the fact marketeers are promoting it as 'controversial'.




sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not shocked and I'm not thinking what you think that I should think...
I just think it's stooooooopid.


El Hombre


Bush may have been right indeed. The question though is: which Bush?
See <a href=\'http://youtube.com/watch?v=...'>Bush vs Bush</a>...

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