Speed saved the lives of flight US1549

An Airbus A320 had to make an emergency landing on the Hudson river right between Manhattan and Jersey City on Thursday. This video from a surveillance camera of the US Coast Guard shows how remarkably fast everything happened.

  • At 3:31:02 PM we see the plane appear in a cloud of splashing water, left in the picture.
  • At 3:31:11 PM the plane seems to have lost most of its speed. It seems to be drifting off slightly to the left.
  • At 3:31:36 PM the camera zooms in on the plane. We see people standing on the right wing.
  • At 3:31:48 PM the front door on the right side opens.
  • At 3:31:47 PM we see people sitting in a raft attached to the front door on the left.
  • At 3:31:48 PM we see people appear on the left wing.
  • At 3:32:53 PM a ferry boat is moving in the direction of the plane.
  • At 3:33:05 PM we see how the plane is drifting with the currents at a relatively high speed.
  • At 3:35:13 PM the ferry makes physical contact with the right wing.
  • At 3:37:39 PM a second ferry makes physical contact with the left wing.