Bush in Brussels (5) - Pro and anti-Bush demonstrations

Twenty Belgians and sixty Iraqis demonstrated peacefully in front of the US Embassy on Tuesday morning to show their support and gratitude for president Bush and the people of the United States. Photos courtesy of Corentin de Salle and Joël Rubinfeld of the Atlantis Institute. More photos are available in this Pixagogo album.

The four anti-Bush demonstrations were less peaceful. On Sunday afternoon, a right-wing group called "Nationalists against NATO" (info in French and Dutch), mostly consisting of skinheads and neonazis, demonstrated against Bush. As they are against "the American way of life which is a multicultural society", they consider the United States as their "cultural enemy" that is "occupying Europe".

The other demonstrations were organized by the "Brussells Tribunal" and by "Stop Bush", a consortium of leftist and antiglobalist organizations, many of which receive millions of charity and taxpayer money each year. One famous signatory of the platform text is "11.11.11", an organization that collects millions of euros each year among Belgian citizens "to help the poor in developing countries". Another well-known signatory is the "Arab European League", whose leader Abu Jahjah demands a.o. the recognition of Arabic as an official language in Belgium (which is rather funny as most islamic immigrants in Belgium are Berber-speaking Moroccans and Turkish-speaking Turks, none of which have Arabic as their first language). But also more prestigious organizations like Greenpeace, Amnesty International, the World Wildlife Fund and Oxfam were part of the anti-Bush platform. For some of them, the refusal to sign the Kyoto Treaty, the detention of enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay or the rise in defense spending are reasons to participate. Well, if these reasons didn't exist, I'm sure they would have found some others.

One of the more radical groups that participated is Stop USA, which filed a complaint for war crimes at a Brussels court against General Tommy Franks. Pro-USA blogger Dog of Flanders regularly posts about the more debilitating aspects of these moonbats.





I actually didn't believe there would be pro-Bush people, sad to see I was wrong :(





Dajan you forgot to wear your tinfoil hat today. You're rambling on about strong people eating weaklings. Umm, I suppose you think communism is the way to go?

Seriously though. I'd love to know where you get your information. What exactly has Bush done that is so bad. In your own words and please provide us with some examples?

Oh yeah, leave the propaganda out as well. Just straight facts about the evil monster Bush and how he's destroying the planet all by himself.




It is unbelievable that people can be pro-bush. Bush means explotation and means the strong eats the weak.. if americans vote for him, ok they are going to profitate from it, but people all over the world saying bush is cool is the most stupid thing I´ll ever hear and read.. You dont know anything about the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people who really got involved in this bush-shit! Bu, do you know what i get from this??? Fuck You stupid americans! You really deserved what you got the 11. Sept. 2001... How many people have died because of americans???? I think it can not be compared with the victims of 9-11.... But its always like that, the strong country informs what it wants to inform and does what it wants to do! I hope this will change one day.


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I agree with Joe and JVS: Instapundit sucks!!!




> so all right-wingers agree that Instapundit colours the facts and misleads its readers?

No, most visitors of this site agree that your comments aren't worth replying to.




No reaction on this previous post, so all right-wingers agree that Instapundit colours the facts and misleads its readers?




Read on instapundit: (thanks to Outlaw for notifying)



And reader Jack Lillywhite emails from Belgium:

My wife and I are in Belgium for a family wedding (her side) and have been watching the mostly Eurocentric, left-leaning, anti-Bush coverage about the President's visit (and that is just CNN International). But one of the more prominent Flemish networks brought a good report of the pro-American demonstration held in Brussels today in which hundreds if not thousands of Iraqi expatriates and pro-American Belgians as well as expat Americans attended. If you go to LVB.net weblog you can get more. Luc was one of the organizers.

I couldn't make much of the LVB.net blog, as I don't read Flemish. But I wonder if these will get any notice from American media?

UPDATE: D'oh! There's an English version of LVB net. I didn't see the tab before. Cool stuff.


Congrats Luc that your blog is mentioned over there. But maybe we have to teach these fellow how to read and understand European English, because their interpretation is confusing me: Thousands of Iraqi expats? Luc who co-organised it?

Or did I miss something?




I'm so glad to hear about the pro-Bush rally! The urinal stickers had me depressed about Europe.


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The combined protests of neo-nazis and leftist/anti-globalist activists against Bush once again show that the real struggle is between freedom and fascism in all its manifestations (right-wing, left-wing or islamic)




it's funny to read, "the American way of life which is a multicultural society". i think immigrants assimilate in american society relatively quickly. a possible major exception is the mexican population in the southwest. save that example, i don't think multi-culturism is promoted in america. if here legally, one is expected to learn the language and assimilate our culture, and eventually take an oath of allegiance for citizenship.

of course, the quote was taken from a group of neo-nazi moonbats, so what the hell do they know?!