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If all goes well, I will be interviewed live (by phone) on The Dennis Prager Show between 9am and 10am Pacific Time on Wednesday, September 21. If you live in the US, check out the frequency in your neighborhood. Elsewhere, you can listen to the audio stream of KRLA. Dennis will ask me some questions about Raymond van het Groenewoud's new song and about anti-Americanism in the Benelux.

UPDATE: Here is a recording (MP3, 28 megabytes, 59 minutes). If you discovered this site through The Dennis Prager Show, visit The Brussels Journal for more interesting content.





For the record: LvB does not represent the 'Belgian opinion' in this matter. First while he has no such official mission. Second while he - as to me - has not enough feeling with Belgian population, certainly not the youth. Third (and most important) while he is - as can be easily seen - some kind of driven by 'protecting America and the country's (political) dreams'. The other question is why LvB would have been 'called' by Dennis, but yet could 'announce' this call in advance. Secondly in that question is why Dennis asks people to call in for 'reactions' on his own website. A 'set up'? 'Those who know media use media'? Using actual media is not wrong in my believe (as media power exists), the question is more 'why'. It is more 'truth'? I don't think LvB did have any support on his statements 'as a Belgian'. When speaking about 'Belgians' I think he spoke only about his own opinion. That is misleading, in this way that speaking about general Belgian feelings (as he did) there should at least be 'general support' (like survey's). I believe LvB only wanted to 'profile himself'. No problem, media has power, that doesn't mean LvB 'is Belgium'. I believe he is not.




...then he will spend a good deal of the tax-money to spam daily propaganda on the Belgian people to brainwash their minds with the idea that it was a good law.


John Fleming


@Flemish American:"A Belgian will think about a law. He will say "That's a good idea for a law.". He will put it immediately into effect. Then he will spend the rest of his life figuring out ways to get around it."
You're completely wrong about that.
...A Belgian will NOT think about a law. He will say:'That's a good idea for a law for this kind of people, and that's a brillant idea for a law for those kind of people, and this one we will put immediately into effect because it pleases my mother-in-law. Then he will spend the rest of his life figuring out why it never pleases the majority of people.


Flemish American

Well, it is official. There is an official complaint against van Groenenwoud following the statements of Coveliers. 11 of them actually. I had the idea to do it myself and now regret I didn't get on board.

I love the fact that this is being influenced by the Vlaams Blok (oh, sorry...Belang). What a perfect platform to show the geniuses in the ministry how their laws can be twisted to serve the purpose of the person interpreting it. It is so ironic this song would have been allowed in America. Half of the music of Eminem should be brought to court in Belgium under this pretense. It is about time for them to admit they got a law made with the right intentions, but which is unworkable in practice.

What is the difference between a German and a Belgian?

A German will think about a law. Study it. See if it is a good law. Will test it and then go through a long process to adopt it. Once in effect, everyone follows this law because it makes sense.

A Belgian will think about a law. He will say "That's a good idea for a law.". He will put it immediately into effect. Then he will spend the rest of his life figuring out ways to get around it. :-)




FA, interesting blog you have. I had a look at it, wanted to leave a comment, but I didn't like the registering blogger is demanding.
Indeed: not all Belgians are anti-american! Some of them even understand that, without America, we would have become a soviet state after the war.
Some other Belgians regret exactly that...


Flemish American


Sorry Luc,

I added myself and then had to remove myself. Forgot I was cooking for a youth retreat that weekend. Good thing my own teenage daughter reminded me. :-)

Anyways, I'll look forward to doing it another time.





@Flemish American: let's meet and have a drink at the Brussels Bloggers dinner on October 7, see


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and the blog entry by organizer Peter Forret:


Flemish American



I felt it fair to quote my comments on another blog.

"I've been following this story the last few days and I have to admit hearing Luc in both the Flemish and American interviews was a bit refreshing. However, I also agree that he seems almost out of touch on some points himself, despite being Flemish and living in Brussels.

The basic problem is the media over here that goes to great lengths to tell one side of the story while ignoring the other and this is emphasized in their own local politics and the Vlaams Belang. If you want to find the pro-Americans in the young population, start with the card-carrying members of this party who hold the second highest voting strength of any one party, yet whose opinions are pushed under the carpet by a very subjective press.

Also, I feel he slightly misses the point about politicians wanting to please the Muslims here. It would be more accurate to say they are doing everything they can to avoid pissing them off. Like politicians worldwide (especially America) they lack the backbone to do what they think is right and try just not to get kicked out of office. Look at the efforts being made to get Turkey into the E.U. despite 65 - 70 % of Belgians being totally against the idea.

The sad part of this whole thing is that we, along with everyone else, have given this Groenewoud guy exactly what he was looking for and that is a lot of free press and a new carreer jump for releasing a trashy song. Guess it makes us all a bit foolish."

So how about having drinks sometime?




If you read the posts of the left like that one of Snof, then you can read a lot of anger and stupedity. People who can only insult, have not ideas or mind.


David C. Stolinsky, MD


Thanks for the interview and the idea, which I used as the basis of an article titled "Ingratitude at Malmedy" at
Keep up the good work.




Red Imperialism ? WTF ? Cuba isn't any where near Europe my friend, because i would assume you were talking about communisme. I guess our goverment is just a bit more openend minded than the American version.

And please don't portrait me like an American-hater. I don't like certain sides of America, but i'm not against it. This black and white thinking isn't healty




that is... the average European is about as well informed about America as the average American is about Europe.




I think you did a very good job, Luc. I agree with you that Belgian media is left-leaning and tends to pick out only the bad things, but on the other hand, the American media is right-leaning and concentrates only on what it wants. The average European is about as well informed about American affairs, and vice versa. It's a two way street.

But I'm glad to have heard a non-embarassing Belgian voice on the radio.




Hopefully the majority of the Belgian youth speaks better english and is not so singleminded. Hopefully when they grow older they will learn what kind of suffering red imperialism brought to mankind.
Hopefully they get off snuff, it's harmful for the brain functions.




luc = mister i know it all better

one-sided opinions on radioshows are crap.
Why didn't you invite someone with another vision on it?µ
Now it al just sounds like belgium is spreading anti american propaganda. As if belgians even cares about van groenewoud's song.
And since when are you an expert on Belgian youth? The youth loves america? It loves its mind-numbing consumer product. But most youth with an opinion hates the amercian emperialism!

So stop being such an opinionated asshole!




@Bob: "catholic fundamentalists" in the US? Geezzz. I thought most christian fundamentalists in the US were of the protestant variety.




Most european people aren't against the american people in general, but against the dummest president ever and the catholic fundamentalists in some american states...


M Kinstlinger


Similar to the comments of others.
Nice job yesterday. Keep up the good work




You forgot to say that the "e" is not really silent but denotes a long vowel. On the other hand, it's an open syllable, so a single "a" would also be a long vowel, so in that sense it _is_ a silent "e".




Enjoyed the interview and hearing your perspective on things. Will be sure to return to your blog.



Outlaw Mike


Luc, what do I have to do to listen to the interview? There's an overview where you can buy the tape, but the other two topics don't interest me:

Hey, do I actually have to PAY to listen to you?????




Luc, Thank you for returning my faith in your county. When I heard about this song, my opinion took a dramatic downturn, which would never have changed had I not heard you on the radio this morning.

All the best to you,
Chris Kaye
St. Paul MN. USA




Hi Luc,
I also enjoyed the interview and am glad to find your blog.


Tim Flanagan


Luc, you were great. I wish you continued happiness and success.

Timothy Flanagan
Redondo Beach, Ca


Carl Mueller


Hi Luc,

Listening to you on Dennis as I type. I lived in Holland from '71 until '84. I remember Meneer van 't Groenewoud's song "Je Veux L'Amour" which was actually funny :-)
Your interview is/was riveting - I am glad to hear people are not as easily manipulated by the media as the media would like. Keep up the good work.

Hartelijke groten

Temecula, CA




Luc, do you realise you'll will be talking with the guru of happiness?

"No one knows more about the subject of happiness and what it takes to lead a happier life than Dennis. He has devoted a good part of his life to this subject. Let Dennis help you to lead a happier, more fulfilling life with this tape course."


Outlaw Mike


Save our reputation Luc. Go with the Lord my son.