Stop that madman before it's too late

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not only wants the destruction of Israel, but also of the United States and of "Anglo-Saxon civilization", says Joseph Farah. If you don't believe that, look at these two pictures from the Iranian anti-Zionism conference. Both pictures are telling more than a thousand words.

In the Iranian president's twisted mind, the U.S. has to fall and break first, then Israel will follow.

In Flemish dialect, Ahmadinejad ("Ah ma dien is zat") means "oh, but he is drunk". No kidding. For me, it's an easy way to remember his name.

By the way, one of the readers of this blog, Koen Robeys, wants to bet that the U.S. will not attack Iran. This is what he wrote on November 23rd, 2005:

Here's the deal. You and I are putting 1,000 euros on an account in the hands of a third, neutral party. You can say a date. If the US will have invaded Iran before that date like they invaded Iraq, the 2,000 euros are for you. If not, they are for me.

Two days later, Koen explained to me that his bet is "applicable to any military confrontation [between the US and Iran], but not to covert operations by the CIA". Koen explicitly considers an attack with cruise missiles as a military confrontation.

Why does he want to bet? According to Koen, "it's about countering all those belligerent declarations, to show that the 'Iran is next' story implodes like a pudding once you confront people with the consequences of their own assertions". Gentlemen, the bets are on! Oh, and Koen, if your offer from two months ago is no longer valid, please state so in the comments under this post.





Iran has every right to defend itself against all threats from Israel and the US. Israel and USA have proven that they are the world's worst nightmare. They are the ones who actually provoke everything evil on earth, others only react to there evil deeds. Look at Iraq. If America were any other country they would have been punished by all, Just like Iraq was punished when they invaded Kwait in 1991. The ONLY way to stop all Middle eastern countries from persuing these evil nuclear weaopns if for Israel to destroy hers. Nothing else anyone can do to stop the eventual Nukes in the hands of other Arab and Muslim countries.


marcel schenk


Is die titel niet fout? Hier zou ik zeggen: Stop that madam!!!!




Huh? Is the victory of Hamas the result of Western democracy?




I think by introducing a western model of democracy in the Middle-East the western world (Europe, USA) is shooting in their own feet. See Palestina.


An Ony Mouse


There is no need for the <<pudding of confronting people with the consequences of their own assertions>> (sorry, could not resist, pudding, you know).

It is enough to point out, aside all rethoric, that the nuclear research centres in Iran are pretty spreadled out. It does not take Jane's (Defence Weekly that is; not the wife of Tarzan) to arrive at the conclusion that an attack (whatever flavour) is complicated and its probability of occurence therefore low (however still > 0).




Reza for Sjah!