Happy birthday America!

Philadelphia, May 1776. Betsy Ross presents the first American flag to George Washington.

Brussels, May 1986. Anonymous eurocrats are showing the first flag of the European Community. "Copied from the flag of the Council of Europe", they say.

Berlin, May 2026. After the failure of the Lisbon Strategy (to make the EU "the world's most dynamic and competitive economy" by 2010) of 2000, the Helsinki Strategy (to "keep the EU in the top 5 of world economies" by 2020) of 2010 and the Ankara Strategy of 2020, the European Union renames itself to LUSER and adopts a new flag.

This message was brought to you by SAVE, the Society for American Values in Europe.





Well can't you believe it 10 years since this was posted happy 240th birthday america. I still can't believe I am still the only one who has posted here. 9 damn years since my first post. Oh well same time next year. See you in 2017




going on 8 years now 8 damn years and this is still up and running but yet only 1 person besides me has posted here in almost 8 years. This post has been here for 9 years almost a decade ago. oh well I guess. I'll be back in another 2 years. XD




I'm back yet again another nearly 2 years has past. still the last one that posted on here.  Over 5 years since my very first post here. Oh well I guess :)


Same time, same place next year XD




I am the final post here




Here I am again almost 2 years later and now only 1 person post. Just 1 person in 3 years after I made my first post here.




OMG i can't belive it!!!! this is americs first flag!!!:)




So anyways I'm back after a year and I'm am still the final one that posted here DX

Well see you next year same time same place XD




WTF are you guys even talking about? None of you guys are even commenting about the picture. >:(




The Ankara strategy:
even though the previous 10-year strategies turned out to nothing, if only we wish hard and long enough for it, and keep on doing things which didn't deliver anything, eventually everything will become perfect in the EU !




I'm sure you also enjoyed the Mock German version of the story, hee, kapoen?

PS: Tony Bell, Willy Lustenhouwer and Leo Martin: please come back, everything is forgiven and forgotten.
PS: Eric Jans: look how I walk again over those dead bodies!




Oh sure, especially this version I presume:

Politically Correct Little Red Riding Hood.




Oh sure, especially in little RED ridinghood.




@Joe de Kangoeroe: Once more you prove to believe in fairy tales which is typical for the left.




the Society for Australian Values in Europe ("SAUVE") is also an interesting one. These people walk on their hands.




@echr: ...which is exactly why SAVE is important.


Nicolas Raemdonck


echr: just like somebody using the European court for Human Rights as nickname.




"American values in Europe"... sounds quite ridiculous.


Outlaw Mike


Willy, I really think the Israelis are quite capable of fending for themselves. I'm not talking about US financial or logistical aid. I'm talking from a purely military Poitn of view. Again and again, Arab armed forces have proven to be absolutely worth nothing when engaging IDF forces. See the four arab/israeli wars. In the air: same story. IIRC, during air engagements between Israeli and Syrian jets in the nineties, over Lebanons Bekaa valley, the rapport was something like 84 Syrian jets shot down for the loss of ONE Israeli plane.

Ankara strategy 2020: Europeanwide ban on selling vaarkisjkoteletten. Butchers who keep selling them will be publicly beheaded on the market square.




The Ankara strategy: To prevent the dissolution of the EU.




Born in 1936 I'm able to tell the most amazing tales of Flags and the people around them. Including the famous "swastica", red USSR, and a medly of belgian countryflags. I belong to them who were and are respecting our liberators. I still understand what the people of Israël is believing to have the USA as their garden-angels. Without them, the neighbours of Israël destroy that country in just one week. Hitler was trying to eliminate jewish people in four years, without succes. I do not believe USER will ever exist. Their leaders are swelling the taste of $ too much.


Björn Roose


Second version Ankara Strategy: islamosocialism in, all the rest out ?


Björn Roose


Ankara Strategy: Islam in, non-islam out ? As in some perverse version of "last in, first out" ?

Interessante vlag overigens. Doet me denken aan "De vrijheid van het Westen" van Boekowski. Ga dat prentje van je lenen :-)


Outlaw Mike




Oultaw Mike


Luc, just read Paul Beliens latest. From your post I thought SAVE was a joke, but it appears not. Sign me up please, if you can use a half-wit.




thoughT !




First I though it was a quote from "citaten", then I realised it came from the man itself. Then I wondered: on what was he tripping? glue, a burning shoe-sole, coke, vodka, or just pepsi-max?




Ankara 2020:
Proudly being the only remaining zero-growth economy on Earth and to become, by 2030, the only negative-growth economy by meticulously finetuning economic production to the least possible level to sustain life for the diminuishing population.


Peter Fleming


The Ankara strategy: "keep the EU out of the top five of the world's least dynamic and competitive economies"

Have I won a prize now? ;-)


T. Payne


I don't really understand why a flagwaving US patriot like Lvb stays in shitty Europe. OK, he crosses the pond quite often, but still!
Please, explain yourself, Lvb!




@Peter Fleming: that's a contest for my readers, let your fantasy work and create a motto for the Ankara strategy of 2020... ;-)


Peter Fleming


What's the motto of the Ankara strategy?




OK Luc you made your point :-)