Drupal at Fosdem 2008 - videos

Here are my videos of 8 Drupal-related presentations from yesterday's Fosdem devroom sessions in Brussels.

Drupal Theming by Morten Heide and Bèr Kessels

Usability and Drupal by Thomas Moseler

Combining Amazon Web Services with Drupal by Thomas Bonte

Asset Management in Drupal using the Asset Module by Wim Mostrey

Introducing the Apache Solr Module by Robert Douglass

Challenges for the CMS of Tomorrow and its Developers by Wouter Van den Bosch and Tanguy Coenen

Web Service Development for Managers by Mixel Kiemen

Drupal and MySQL High Availability by Kris Buytaert





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But Cogito, our friend Daniel (Day Lewis? De Vito? Tinayre? Calparsoro? Vigne? Hegarty? Liatowitsch? Wachsmann? Marusic? Willems?) just want to give some constructive comments so we can all become as pro as he is.




I didn't notice any of the flaws described as painful, vertigo and headache-inducing. I suggest paracetamol as a remedy, and a psychiatrist for the extremely low irritation threshold. On top of that a beating by his mother to contribute to better manners.




Daniel, thanks for your expert advice. Could you share with us, readers of this blog always wanting to learn more, some self-made examples of how it should be?




While I very much appreciate your taping the sessions, I found your near-continuous toying with the camera painful, vertigo and headache-inducing and irritating to the extreme. If you don't have a heavy-weight fluid-head tripod, please don't try to pan. If you can't zoom without shaking the camera (remote zoom control) please don't zoom.




All videos in one convenient location, and a torrent to boot. You rock, kind sir.




Thanks a lot!




@theBorg: here's a torrent file for those who want to watch the videos offline: http://lvb.net/media/Fosdem...




Do you have another non-flashy source for the videos besides google video? Is very difficult to download them.




Thanks a lot ! :)




thanks for the videos, really much appreciated!




Hey, I loved the sweater in the first video. Man's got style! Or is it the arabic writing that annoyed you? Anyway, I think what he's saying is important in that video, not what he's wearing.




interesting subject. I wonder to what extent it can be used for larger companies that need a robust architecture and tight security, plus it should be able to handle multiple sites, fast moving content coming from different legacy systems, etc etc. And how does it compare to eZ Publish, Joomla, Tridion, etc...


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How the hell did that guy in the first video get the idea of wearing an extremely sloppy sweater with arabic writing on it?

professionality ZIP!

... and maybe we can observe a moment of silence for Mixel's hairdresser who passed away a few years ago ;)