Google's Girl Power

Vanessa Fox, product manager for Google's webmaster tools, spotted at Webmasterworld's Pubcon conference in Las Vegas. Nice shirt!


Update: You can buy this shirt at the Google store (hat tip: Caleb E).





hi man


Wouter Van Hemel


Considering the inadequate or even reclining numbers of computer science students (of any gender) in countries like the UK and Belgium, I think we should demand one for men too.

Apparently they have shirts for men with that female logo... I guess that's the closest any geek who would wear such a Google shirt would get to anything female.

Enough musings... I'm not quite sure why women should be pushed to study for highly technical jobs, or men be stimulated to take up highly social and caring positions such as nurse or kindergarden teacher. Modern society tends to confuse equal-valued with literal equality, resulting in a unnatural and androgynous world. The choices are there, let them choose freely.

Surely it would be much wiser to make it acceptable for men to wear skirts, than to let everybody wear the same ugly boring pair of designer jeans; hence creating equality while offsetting gender differences and keeping the world interesting.

Up yours, political correctness, abomination of reality, last refuge of the coward, bastion of simmering post-religious madness.




say, lvb, can't you put another (long) article here on top, because for so many days now we see this mottige seut when we open this page. enough is trop and trop is enough, hey!




no more other sexy chicks there in nevada worth photographing?




haaaaaaaahahahaha. leo martin, please come back.




Draw her attention Luc, by getting a similar T-shirt with the first 0 in blue with an arrow pointing up, then ask her to test if your T-shirts match.
that might be the end of your free life as a bachelor!