Live from LeWeb3: Lorraine Twohill of Google

I'm currently at the LeWeb3 conference in Paris. Founder Loïc Le Meur started by explaining that not a single invitation was sent out for this conference, and yet some 1000 people registered in a few weeks time. It's the power of the blogospere, viral marketing and word-of-mouth. Even an important and unexpected guest invited himself. Le Meur got a call from the office of Simon Peres: Peres was in Paris and he would like to address the conference about freedom of speech. Tomorrow morning he will hold his keynote.

In the mean time, here is a video of a presentation from Lorraine Twohill, Marketing Director of Google EMEA. She explains how the web has evolved from a pure information repository, via a distribution and communication platform into a true networking tool, and what role Google is playing in this evolution .






I stopped watching after 1 minute. very amateuristic. Can't they find better people????




I hope you will have the opportunity to ask Simon Peres suitable questions about freedom of speech, and attend him to the lack thereoff in evermore more European countries.

You might have the guts to attend him to two anomalies with regards to free speech in belgium, being the ban on holocaust denial at one side, and the difficulties with expressing muslim criticism, (also) from a pro-jewish point of view at the other side.