Google to build European datacenter in Belgium

Google announced today that it will invest 250 million euros in a new data center in Baudour near Mons in Belgium. The datacenter will have a surface of 85 hectares (0.85 square kilometers) and is close to a channel, which is convenient for cooling purposes. Fiber is already present in the neighbourhood.

In this French-language video fragment from RTBF (sorry for the poor audio quality and the delay at the start), Google's Peter Fleischer is saying that the new datacenter will bring Google a few milliseconds closer to European users. François Sterin, responsible for infrastructure at Google, explains why the presence of fiber optic in the neighbourhood is a plus.





In follow up: this (unfortunately) Dutch article

You've got to love the generosity in this country...


Emmanuel Wildiers


Just think of all the megawatts this huge datacenter will need 24/7, and from 2015 on it'll have to do without (Belgian) nuclear power. In any case, another huge step further from attaining the Kyoto protocol objectives.

The green/red parties should make a clear choice instead of pretending to want both more jobs (and thus enterprises) ánd less carbon dioxide emissions.